Welcome Ralf Hoerger – Class 1 Teacher (Sept 2019)

The Nelson Waldorf School is very happy to announce that Ralf Hoerger will be joining our team as class one teacher for September 2019.  Ralf will graduate his grade 8 class from the Squamish Waldorf School this coming June, having taught them as a split class since grade one in 2012.

Before taking his class in Squamish, Ralf taught class 1-5 at the Nelson Waldorf school from 2005 – 2010.  In the 2010/11 school year he taught handwork and movement ed at NWS. He began his career in Waldorf education at the Spring Valley Waldorf School in New York State where he was the handwork teacher and Varsity and Junior Varsity coach for various sports.

As you can see Mr. Hoerger brings many years of diverse experience in Waldorf education and we are thrilled that he is rejoining the Nelson Waldorf School community.