It takes a village

Volunteers are an integral part of the programming at the Nelson Waldorf School – from field trip chaperones to event planners and committee members, we embrace family and community involvement.

Parent Council

Parent Council is responsible for representing the parent voice and creating opportunities for families to live deeply into the Waldorf philosophy. They collaborate with the Board of Trustees, Administration, and the Faculty and Staff to create a rich learning environment for the students.

Parent Council meets monthly during the school year. Meetings usually include a presentation from a faculty member to foster a deepening understanding of Waldorf education in practice, as well as some general business such as making decisions about funding projects and managing fundraising efforts. Attending Parent Council monthly meetings is a great way to get involved and to stay connected to the school community.

Chair : Katie Sawyer (email

Vice Chair : Mallory Pettit (email

Secretary : Jana Russell-Loewen (email

Treasurer : Gerda Hammerer

Class Reps

Each class has a class rep, whose role is to coordinate between the class teacher and the parent body. Class parent groups often plan activities outside of the classroom, assist with fundraising, participate in class trips and projects, and provide handwork support.

If you are interested in becoming a rep, please contact your class teacher.

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