TUITION & SUPPLY FEE PAYMENT DATES:Student Tuition and Supply Fees

  • May 15th – Kindergarten Registration deadline and 30% non-refundable deposit.
  • May 31st – To guarantee your child’s space in the class, supply fees & Society Dues are due and payable for School Year and 30% non-refundable deposit.
  • August 31st – Deadline for all tuitions are payable for the School Year and 30% non-refundable deposit.

2017-2018 School Year

Payment Rate 100% Reduced






Kindergarten & Classes 1-8 $3000 $2400 $1800 $1800

Tuition is supported by per student operating grants received from the BC Ministry of Education. This support is only available to the School for eligible families (eg: the international student is eligible if one of the parents have a valid Work Permit, or Full Student Visa). See foreign student/international student fees.

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Foreign Student Fee

$4,800 –In addition to tuition and supply fees if not recognized for B.C. Government Educational Operating Grant Funding.

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Supply Fees (per child) (non-refundable)

Kindergarten:  $300
Classes 1, 2, 3: $435
Classes 4, 5:     $460
Classes 6, 7, 8: $560

NWS Administration Fee: One time Fee/per Family: $100

Nelson & Area Waldorf School Association Society Dues: Per household cost/year: $100

Read our Tuition and Supply Fee Guidelines

Tuition Modification

At Nelson Waldorf School we support Social Inclusion.  In an effort to include a wide spectrum of families, we have developed a Tuition Modification Program.  Each year applications can be filled out outlining the family’s financial situation.

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Remedial Services at Nelson Waldorf School

The Nelson Waldorf School generally accepts students who fall within a standard range of academic and social styles and who do not present severe and persistent learning differences or challenges. Applicants for admission with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability and/or a current IEP will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Often we are able to address unique learning abilities and we welcome the opportunity to consider and assess these students. In determining what learners we can serve, we recognize our capabilities, resources and limitations and our responsibility to meet each student’s needs with integrity.

Nelson Waldorf School students requiring additional academic or social support may be identified in a number of ways, including by teachers, the Student Support Coordinator or by parents. A collaborative approach is taken in assisting teachers and parents in finding the additional support needed. While teachers may provide extra help on a short term basis, long-term tutoring and remedial services must be provided by the parents. Parents seeking outside tutors or specialists may request a copy of the Practitioner Referral List. NWS works collaboratively with certain practitioners.

When a student is identified by the school team to have extra needs, recommendations for assessment and support will be made with the agreement that these will be followed by the parents. Should parents decline recommendations made by the school, the school team will review the ability of the Nelson Waldorf School to meet the student’s needs. If it is determined that the school does not have the resources to meet the needs without these recommendations being taken up, a school recommendation for withdrawal of the student may occur.