TUITION & FEE PAYMENT DATES:Student Tuition and Supply Fees

  • May 15th – Contract Deadline for returning students including a non-refundable payment of all fees (supply and registration fees)

Late registration/fee payment will be subject to a $150 fee, and a monthly financing surcharge (greater of $30 or 2% of outstanding balance)

  • July 1st – Payment Plan Agreement form due (payment plan option)
  • July 15th – Tuition balance due in full (for full payment option), first payment plan payment (for payment plan option)

2021/22 School Year


Kindergarten & Classes 1-8
(Per student)
Family Bursary Two Children Three Children Four Children
$600 Reduction off total Family Tuition) $1,800 Reduction off total Family Tuition) $4,200 Reduction off total Family Tuition)

FEES (per student – non-refundable)

Supply Fees*:     $300 

Registration Fee:  $200

Enrollment Fee (for new registrants only):  $300 


* Supply fees do not include fees associated with field trips. Field trips are often subsidized by fundraising efforts of class parents, but costs can range from $100 – over $300 depending on the grade and the activity.


Tuition Payment Schedule- 2021/22

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Tuition Modification

At Nelson Waldorf School we support Social Inclusion.  In an effort to include a wide spectrum of families, we have developed a Tuition Modification Program.  Each year applications can be filled out outlining the family’s financial situation.

Click here for more information about Tuition Modification.