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Hear how our past and present Nelson Waldorf School families have experienced Waldorf education on our beautiful, 33 acre campus in the woods!

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I was dazzled by the beauty of the place and the artistic and creative side of your school. These Nelson children are lucky! I imagine seeing them arrive in the morning in this beautiful, healthy and inspiring environment! Happiness! What a precious gift for the community of Nelson

Marie Christine Turpin
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Waldorf was like a second family. We knew every classmate and had such a good relationship with our teacher, and we were always given a second chance to understand things. My favourite part was the field trips and bring outside, and the art – there was so much drawing!

Amelie Drewitz, former student and children’s book illustrator
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“When we moved from France, we chose Nelson BC, for its pristine outdoor environment, its friendly, safe & welcoming community, its rich artistic culture. Our choice of school was determined by the fact that the Nelson Waldorf school was one of the oldest Waldorf schools in Canada, with grades K to 8 for our children to get older. Its situation in the forest, its gymnasium, Eurythmy hall and many festivals were the picture perfect image of a well-grounded school we were looking for.”

Kilperick Lhobet, parent

“After we decided to move to Canada, we looked at all the Waldorf schools in Canada and finally selected Nelson. Nelson Waldorf school has proven to be a wonderful environment which made the move to Canada 10 times easier. We found a vibrant open community with wonderful people and stable organization. The kids came without knowing English but were welcomed with open hearts and managed to fully integrate in few months. Nelson itself is also an amazing place to live in. A mix of a beautiful nature, small friendly city, culture, sports and great ski hill. Certainly one of the best places to live in in the whole world…”

Yaron Shaool, parent
Nelson Waldorf School