Our faculty and administrative team bring a diverse set of skills and experience to the Nelson Waldorf School, along with passion for teaching and learning, and respect for the students, community, and each other.

Early Childhood Education

Jasmine Thexton

Lead Early Childhood Educator

Melissa Turner

Childhood Educator


Maria Seeger

Bluebird Kindergarten

Gilia MacKay

Sunflowers Kindergarten

Caitlin Venditti

Class 1

Amanda Butterworth

Class 2 Teacher

Ralf Hoerger

Class 3 Teacher

Marcelo Porto Goncalves

Class 4 Teacher

Carly Ristow

Class 5 Teacher

Colby Knox

Class 6 Teacher

Leah Vivian

Class 7 Teacher

Debora Oese-Lloyd

Class 8 Teacher

Subject Teachers

Deborah Wilkins

Student Support

Natasha Kraus


Mark Hamilton


Joy Pritchard


Teaching Assistants

Lorraine Ballentine

Teaching Assistant

Karley Zibea

Middle School Assistant

Marie-Michel Tasse

Class 1 Assistant

Administration and Support Staff

Jamie Simon

Head of School/Principal

Simon Bruskowski

Acting Principal

Lesli Lancaster

Business Director / Interim Head-of-School

Gino Perrault

Facilities Manager

Shane Boehm


Mike West


Matthew Fry

Enrolment, Communications and Marketing

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