Special Subjects

Waldorf education teaches the whole child – head, heart, hands. Special subjects include French, Music, Handwork, Woodwork, and more, all working with the appropriate curriculum to provide a balanced education for the mind and body.


Students in classes 1-8 have handwork lessons each week in which they develop the patience needed to learn new, complex skills and experience the joy of bringing each new item to completion.

  • Natural fibres are used to create beautiful, useful items
  • Perseverance is learned as months of work are needed to complete each cherished project
  • Fine motor skills are developed as students learn to knit, crochet and sew
  • Finger dexterity leads to healthy brain development as cross-stitch and embroidery are learned
  • Creativity is fostered as soft dolls and animals are designed and carefully sewn
  • Independence is fostered as students learn to read patterns and create their own clothing using the sewing machine


Students in Class 5-8 have woodwork once a week. We have a well equipped shop to create and finish simple wooden projects. Many students use saws and shaping tools to begin their project. Rasps and sandpaper are used to smooth the wood. Oil finishes and paint are used sometimes to enhance the wood. The students learn:

  • Wood Selection: many domestic woods are used to create projects
  • Creativity: students learn how to design and draw form shapes on paper and transfer to wood pieces
  • Tool Usage: students learn how to safely and efficiently use hand tools
  • Projects: these range from wheeled toys to swords/shields, spoons and bowls, and small furniture pieces


Although music is part of the daily experience of a Waldorf student in their classroom, students in Grades 3 – 8 have music class twice a week. The Grade 6, 7, and 8 students will additionally participate in choir together once a week.

  • Collaboration: Children practice working with others to achieve a common goal.
  • Language: Speaking the language of music with notation, intervals and modalities deepens their understanding.
  • Feeling: Experiencing harmonies opens a child to their feeling life.
  • Discipline: Achieving skills of learning musical instruments will bring a healthy development of structure to the individual.
  • Creativity: Students will have opportunities to explore music composition, along with developing their own harmonies.

Movement Education

Each week, students in class 5 to 8 physical health education classes, students develop physical capacities, skills, teamwork strategies and individual movement and stretching techniques. 

  • Versatility and perseverance are nourished in students so they can develop skills in different spheres of activities.
  • The Silverking gym is well-equipped, with a quality floor for activities, games and sports.
  • The equipment room is filled with sports and games material to explore movement, strategies and skills.
  • The Forest offers students a space to move and play In nature. Trail running, snowshoeing, and forest games are some of the students’ favourites.
  • Sense of adventure and community connection are at the heart of the Ski program is an occasion for students to explore winter adventures and connect with the broader community.
  • Health and well-being are fostered in the curriculum with the support of both the PHE teacher and the class teachers.


Learning French provides a rich experience exploring culture, language, and how they are connected, as well as provides a base for learning other languages.

  • Class 1-3: French is introduced through songs, games and storytelling, developing a child’s imagination and listening skills
  • Class 4-5: the curriculum becomes more practical. Students learn casual and formal conversational French
  • Class 6-7: Speaking, writing, and reading are practiced in a more formal manner, and students write and perform their own skits
  • Class 8: Real-life applications of speaking a new language is explored. Students explore where French is spoken, and how and why language enriches our lives.

Special Subjects Teachers

Marie-Paule Berthiaume

French Teacher

Natasha Kraus

Handwork Teacher

Mark Hamilton

Woodwork Teacher

Joy Pritchard

Music Teacher

Timo Suomi

Physical Education Teacher

Nelson Waldorf School