The healthy social life is found
When, in the mirror of each human soul,
The entire community finds its reflection,
And when, in the community,
The virtue of each one is living.
Rudolf Steiner—The Social Motto
Garland at Mayfest 2008

The Nelson Waldorf School is committed to healthy social interactions between students, teachers and all members of the school community. We acknowledge that conflict is a normal part of life that offers opportunities to learn about ourselves and each other. We value an environment of mutual respect, inclusion and safety. This value is implicit in the teaching curriculum and is further supported by our Social Inclusion Approach to conflict as developed by Kim John Payne, M.Ed.

The Social Inclusion Approach offers teachers resources that support our students with social conflict situations. The Code of Compassion, created by the students themselves, is one tool of Social Inclusion. The Code is found in our classrooms and hallways and reflects a school-wide dedication to upholding a climate of trust that is conducive to learning.

Students, teachers, and staff become oriented to, and participate in Social Inclusion practices.  This process includes:

  • nurturing a school environment of mutual respect, safety, and inclusion;
  • integrating Social Inclusion practices into school life;
  • supporting teachers with students experiencing social difficulty;
  • monitoring student social health and making recommendations to faculty.