Shelter Projects and the Nine-Year Change

Dear Families and Friends,
On behalf of the Admin Team, thank you to everyone who made the open house a success! The Kindergarten puppet play was magical and the in-class demos, diverse and lively. We are grateful to the members of the Board and of the Parent Council for their support, as well as to the several students who were wonderful ambassadors for our school!
Not only did the event create favourable publicity for the school, it also resulted in several new student applications and new community connections!

Class 3 Shelter Projects

In every grade, at each age, there are different opportunities for growth and learning. What the students learn and how they are taught mirrors their development.
In Class Three, students have a new capacity and deeper curiosity about the world. They experience an awakening of “the self” as distinct from their environment. They become more curious and show greater independence with tasks.
It’s all part of what we call “the nine-year change.”
As a result, an important part of the Class Three year involves learning about shelters from around the world. This provides a first look at environmental geography by discovering how people from different cultures house themselves according to climate and available resources.
Last week during Main Lesson, Ms. Guthrie’s students worked with great enthusiasm on their individual shelter projects. It was lovely to see them applying new skills and capacities, being socially aware and helpful, and demonstrating an impressive level of independence. Most of all, however, they were eager to share what they had learned about their shelters.
The study of shelters in Class Three is a wonderful reminder that when we place the developmental needs of children at the centre, learning becomes meaningful and alive. It is one of the great wisdoms of Waldorf education!
Best wishes, Phil Fertey

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