Please read below for the steps to take for the different Forms to be completed online. After filling all the required information, the School will receive an email with the completed Registration File.

1) Please watch the Tutorial Video below in order to get an idea of how the form works so that you can easily fill it out:

2) Please fill out the Re-Registration Returning Family Form below for each Child you are admitting. The Signature only has to be done once to your liking and then you can use the same signature throughout the forms. If you have multiple children, the form will allow you to select previous information for same fields. So you just have to start typing your name and it will have a drop down for what you have entered before with the same letters.


3) The last step will be to fill out the Tuition Contract Form.

As the year progresses, please notify the school if there are any changes in Address, Phone numbers, email or to the Emergency Forms and Contacts. If you have any questions filling out this document, please contact the School at

We are looking forward to enjoying a long and lasting relationship with you and your family, on behalf of the Faculty and Staff.


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