Phil Fertey, Education Director (August 2019)

The Nelson Waldorf school is pleased to announce the acceptance of the Education Director position beginning in August 2019 by Philippe (Phil) Fertey.  Phil and his wife Joanne King have returned to the Nelson area, enjoying a year’s sabbatical following Phil’s graduation of his Grade 8 class of 26 students from the Vancouver Waldorf School.

Phil is an inspiring, well respected and experienced Waldorf educator and brings years of teaching and school leadership experience from his years of service in Vancouver and Nelson.   In Vancouver he served as faculty chair, college chair, board member, and is known for his teacher mentoring and parent education sessions. Phil was a long time colleague at the Nelson Waldorf School, taking a class of children from grades 3-8, and doing a second year of gr 8 to graduate his daughter’s class.

Phil and Joanne are well known and connected in wider Waldorf circles. Phil has taught teacher training classes at the West Coast Institute, as well as summer teacher intensives at the Rudolf Steiner Centre (Ontario). This summer, he will also be working with teachers at the Center for Anthroposophy (New Hampshire). Phil is a writer and member of the editorial advisory board for Renewal Magazine. You may recall seeing his articles on the morning handshake or the morning verse. Before being a teacher, Phil was an advertising copywriter and speechwriter for twelve years.

Those of us who know Phil see this as a wonderful step into a flourishing future for the Nelson Waldorf School community. Welcome Phil and Joanne! We are absolutely delighted that our paths have joined once again.