past staff

Debora Oese-Lloyd – Adjunct Faculty

  • Ed, University of Calgary, Alberta
  • Ed (Art Education), University of Calgary, Alberta
  • Early Childhood Education Diploma, Calgary, Alberta
  • Waldorf Teacher Training, Antioch University, New Hampshire, USA.
  • Juniper Tree Puppetry Training, Nelson, British Columbia and Boulder, Colorado

debora_oese-lloydDebora was born on an eighth generation family farm in Upstate New York. It was an ideal setting to quench her thirst for exploration and constant need for movement. As an adult her desire to understand and embrace this planet as a whole led her on adventures around the world: as far away as Norilsk, Siberia as a member of a Waldorf Education Lecture Tour. Her interest in teaching began in high school in New Jersey. She was a volunteer teacher of English to immigrant children. She was attracted to culturally diverse teaching assignments; doing her best to recreate learning experiences that held personal meaning for her students. Her research for a Master’s degree centered on the Fine Arts as a methodology for learning all subjects. This served as a beacon for her to discover Waldorf Education. She has been an Early Years Educator, Class Teacher, Subject Teacher (Visual Arts) and a Pedagogical Administrator.  Debora currently serves as adjunct faculty in many areas of the school.