Nelson Waldorf School has active parents and volunteers. Among other things, their efforts make possible class trips, seasonal festivals, and the beautiful campus upon which the children learn.There are a number of opportunities to support Nelson Waldorf School through volunteer participation.

Become involved in…

…The Class:

  • become a class rep
  • work on class projects
  • take on class fundraising
  • provide teacher assistance
  • provide handwork assistance
  • help with field trips

…the space:

  • explore the Book of Intentions
  • spend time gardening
  • volunteer for maintenance projects

…the festivals:

  • volunteer for the Halloween Journey
  • volunteer for the Winter Faire

Join a project or committee… 

…run by Parent Council:

  • become a Parent Council Class Rep
  • join the PC Executive
  • facilitate the Grocery Card Fundraiser
  • facilitate the Hot Lunch Program
  • support the New Family Buddy System

…run by the Board of Trustees:

  • join the Human Resources committee
  • join the Communication committee
  • join the Finance committee
  • join the Enrollment and Marketing committee
  • join the Fundraising Committee and facilitate the Annual Giving Campaign, Alumni Relations, and the No. 6 Coffee Fundraiser)