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This information is taken from the Parent Handbook.

Building healthy community, both within the classes and within the whole school, honours the vision of the Nelson Waldorf School (NWS), where everyone, including teachers, parents, and administration, participate together. Teachers, parents, and administration are asked to commit to cooperating in a climate of mutual respect, support, and healthy communication, and to strive to continue developing a deeper understanding of the principles of Waldorf Education.

For parents, this involves supporting their child to learn and participate fully in the school, and supporting the school in the following areas:

  • the curriculum in the classes
  • school activities and festivals
  • school fundraising
  • school codes of conduct, communication, and conflict resolution

These efforts may require some reflection and some adjustment in lifestyle choices. Each parent should also feel that their voice and gifts are heard and all parents should find for themselves what they are comfortably able to contribute to the whole.

Attend Parent Council Meetings

All parents of children enrolled at the Nelson Waldorf School are General Members of the Parent Council. General Members can be involved with the Parent Council in a variety of ways, including attending meetings and taking on active roles in parent activities and projects.  The mission of the Parent Council is to guide, and facilitate the participation of parents in partnership with the Faculty and Board of Directors of the Nelson Waldorf School.

Become a Class Rep

The responsibility for the success of every activity of a class lies with the teacher. However, the quality of that success is greatly shaped by the support that teacher receives from the school and from the parent body. Parents have a wealth of experience, talent, and dedication to offer a teacher and, as a way to best access this resource, the school-wide practice is that a teacher have one or two designated Class Parents. The role and tasks of the Class Rep go from the mundane to the monumental.

In addition to helping to organize class meetings, here are some examples of what a class rep does throughout the year:

• Plan field trips, from small detail to making reservations, doing research, etc

• Plan class social events, including holiday celebrations in class

• Co-ordinate class fundraising

• Organize class parents’ participation in school festivals

• Helping with the class play

• Being an advocate for the parents. Listening to parent concerns.

• Being a support person for both parents and the teacher.

The Book of Intentions – Beautify our School

eurythmy-hallThis is an exciting time!  Currently we have a project at the school which is working to create more beauty and further develop the aesthetics of our school grounds and buildings.  This is a parent led initiative that is currently in the process of development.  As new projects are introduced, parents can take the initiative, and our community can take an active interest in creating the most sacred container for our children.  Stay tuned for more information, or visit parent council meetings to take part in the conversation.