At Nelson Waldorf School, students, teachers, parents, and administration come together in community. We collaborate within a climate of mutual respect, support, and healthy communication. We strive, together, to deepen our individual and collective understanding and practice of the principles of Waldorf Education.

For parents, this involves supporting their child to participate comfortably at school and supporting the school with activities, festivals, and fundraising. It also means aligning with the school codes of conduct, communication, and conflict resolution.

Parents can learn more in the NWS Parent Handbook.

At times, being a parent and family in the NWS community may require some reflection and adjustment in lifestyle choices. As a community, we foster and encourage this cyclical process of deepening awareness and recurring practice.

We strive to be a place where each parent can feel their voice is heard and gifts are valued, and where all parents find for themselves where they are comfortably able to contribute to the community.

Parents can learn more about the ways to become involved through the NWS Parent Council.