Lower School

In the lower school children master the fundamental skills for learning through an artistic approach in ways that engage their imaginations and instills a curiosity for the world and a love of learning.

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  • Class 1: Language Arts based on fairy and folk tales: pictorial introduction to letters  and preparation for reading through writing; Arithmetic: qualities of number; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; and Natural Science based on nature stories and outdoor experience.
  • Class 2: Continued work in Language Arts, now based on legends of saints and heroes and on fables;  introduction of cursive writing; expansion of arithmetic skills; and continued Natural Science.
  • Class 3: Language Arts based Hebrew scriptural stories: introduction to grammar; study of practical life (farming, shelters and building, and clothing); measurement: linear, time, weights, volume and money.
  • Class 4: Language Arts based on Norse mythology; local history, geography and map-making; study of the animal kingdom;  fractions, long division.
  • Class 5: Language Arts based on mythology from India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece; Greek history; North American geography; botany; decimals fractions.