• Legislation is in effect for all schools in School district No. 8 (Kootenay Lake).
    Please read the following information carefully, as it applies to you and your child, and fill out the permission form below. Note that you are responsible for notifying the school should the status of your permission change.
    1. Registration Information Information provided at the time your child was registered at school was collected under the authority of the School Act, Sections 13 and 79. This data is used by the school for educational program purposes and, when required, may be provided to health services, social services or other support services, as outlined in Section 79(2) of the School act. This information cannot be provided to anyone else without your express permission. However, there are instances, described below, when information about your child may become public.
    2. School Communication Your child’s name and/or photo may be published in a newsletter, yearbook, web site or other school publication.
    3. Media Coverage It is possible that there will be media coverage of a school event. This coverage could include your child’s photo (or video), name and comments which are part of a broadcast or publication.
  • Please Select the Class / Grade the Student is Entering

  • Field Trips Permission

  • I/We authorize the teachers of the Nelson Waldorf School to include my/our child in field trips during the year.

    I/We also agree to provide such costs as are necessary to cover bus fare, swimming, skating, museum, etc. for each field trip.

    If a field trip is planned that requires transportation, a special permission form for that field trip will be sent home to be signed and returned on or before the field trip date.

    If a child is not to attend a field trip for any reason, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide another arrangement for the child during the field trip hours/dates.
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