Employment Opportunities

Join a team of dedicated teachers, board members and parents who surround and support the children with the guiding principles of Waldorf education.

Resumes and cover letter can be sent to employment@nelsonwaldorf.org

All candidates must have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status and a Criminal Record Check.

Grade 9 Class Teacher 2022-2023

May 2022

We are seeking an enthusiastic, innovative and collaborative educator who enjoys working with adolescents, and has experience being and teaching outdoors.

A BC-certified teacher who is interested in collaboratively holding a transition year for the Grade 9 students, moving from Waldorf education and towards high school (most likely in the public system)

If you are drawn to this pivotal year of transition for the students, and wish to help provide them the both the tools and the preparedness for their future then lease consider joining our diverse and multi-faceted team and become part of our wonderful school community.

Our ideal individual will be inspired to provide strong academic learning paired with creativity to help nurture the curiosity of our students for the world they live in, and to further develop skills and confidence to navigate the high school grades. 

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

More information on our pilot Grade 9 year

Education Director

February 15th, 2022

The Nelson Waldorf School is currently accepting applications for the Education Director’s position.

This is a permanent full-time position.

We are seeking a certain individual to join our administrative team in helping to weave the school’s pedagogical directives into our three-folded governing model. Reporting to the head of school with faculty-informed decision making in all pedagogical realms.

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.


  • Oversees the annual review and congruence of the Scope and Sequence
  • Oversees the pedagogical realm of the school
  • Member of the Administrative Team
  • AWSNA delegate -2nd delegate (Representative to BC Waldorf School Task Force)
  • Student Support Coordinator
  • Teacher-on-Call Coordinator (grade school primarily)
  • Hiring team Lead: for all faculty positions and participates as required for staff hirings
  • Chair of Pedagogical Committee/advisory group
  • Scheduling of faculty classes
  • HR lead for faculty
  • Assist in the Budget management of the Ped Budget

  • Oversees and facilitates processes that ensure the school’s pedagogical quality, consistency, coherence, and continuity and ensure this is reflected in the Scope and Sequence
  • Brings a whole-school perspective, bridging administrative and pedagogical insights, to all discussions
  • Serves as the chair of the Pedagogical Committee and supports faculty meetings
  • Oversees, supports and monitors ongoing curriculum development, in compliance with Ministry of Education guidelines
  • Manages the inputs for all technology and reporting requirements for the Ministry of Education, which includes but is not limited to Plan Book, FSA’s, etc.
  • Inputs and generates Ministry of Education funding and data reports (1701, E.S. Audit, FSA, Monitoring visits).
  • Hires and trains Teachers on Call K-8
  • Professional development and training
  • Faculty observation and evaluation annually with the HR committee and/or HOS
  • Curriculum development
  • Review of student progress report cards
  • Leading faculty mentoring program
  • Teacher orientation (permanent and on-call), scheduling
  • Liaises with Early Years Faculty
  • Technical support for all BC Ministry related items, such as Plan Book, etc.
  • Reviews all parent meeting materials and attends parent meetings with the teacher. Can act as support, liaison, and technical support.

  • Oversees student assessment and reporting
  • Oversees Teaching Assistants
  • Supports mediation in situations where parent / teacher communication needs pedagogical support to reach understanding and resolution as directed by Head of School
  • Oversees remedial education needs, including IEPs for all special needs students
  • Oversees the three streams of student support (inclusion, discipline, care)
  • Liaises with social services

  • Parent / teacher communication
  • Parent interviews and class meetings
  • Liaises with Parent Council

  • Ensure and collaborate with HOS in the hiring, support, evaluation, dismissal, termination, of teachers, teachers assistants, and staff in the grades school and the Childcare centre
  • Ensure/collaborate faculty have training and qualifications to fulfill Ministry requirements and NWS teacher training standards
  • Ensure/collaborate with HOS re: contractual Faculty Agreements
  • Collaborate with BD/HOS to bring employee benefits.

  • Long term visioning committee member
  • COVID Contingency Planning and Coordination
  • Training/support for Enrolment and Communications
  • Enrolment and Registration Process Review
  • Manage the annual review and updating of the Scope and Sequence
  • Oversee the task forces for Middle School enhancement explorations: Special subjects, Grade 9 and separate looping

Teacher on Call

January 21,2022

The Nelson Waldorf School is currently accepting applications for substitutes in our grades and early childhood programs for the 2021-2022 school year.

$27/hour, minimum two hours

As a Teacher on Call, the requirements include:


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexible schedule, available on short notice
  • Clear criminal record check

Class 1 Teacher

April 24th, 2022

The Nelson Waldorf School is seeking a Class Teacher for Grade 1 for the 2022-2023 school year.

As a Class Teacher :


  • Hold a Teacher Regulation Branch teaching certificate or be eligible for certification,
  • Be Waldorf trained or willing to participate in Waldorf training (training opportunities available),
  • Eligible to work in Canada.
Nelson Waldorf School
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