Employment Opportunity: Education Director

The Nelson Waldorf School is recruiting for the position of Education Director. The Education Director plays a pivotal role in the administration team, and is responsible for representing the pedagogical realm when making decisions and providing input. Key qualities include strong communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work eectively in a collaborative environment. The Education Director oversees the Pedagogical Steering Committee, acts as liaison between the administration team and faculty, and plays a major role in student support.
As Education Director, the responsibilities will include but not be limited to the
• Overseeing and facilitating processes that ensure the school’s pedagogical quality, consistency, coherence, and continuity
• Bringing a whole-school perspective, bridging administrative and pedagogical insights, to all discussions
• Teacher support including professional development and training, faculty evaluation, curriculum development, and student progress review
• Supports mediation in situations where parent / teacher communication needs pedagogical support to reach understanding and resolution as directed by Head of School
• Oversees remedial education needs, including IEPs for all special needs students
• Oversees the three streams of student support (inclusion, discipline, care)
• BC Teacher certification
• Waldorf teacher training
• 5+ years of Waldorf leadership experience
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Strong organizational skills
Interested candidates are asked to submit a cover letter, resume and two professional references to employment@www.nelsonwaldorf.org.

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