Elementary School

Classes 1-5

The curriculum of the elementary school is rich and diversified,offering humanities, mathematics, science, and the arts. Mastery of the traditional academic disciplines is interwoven with artistic and practical activities to provide a rich and varied educational
experience for every student.

The following is a brief summary of the language arts, mathematics, and science curriculum presented in Main Lesson, class by class. Find out more details by clicking on each class heading.

  • Class 1: Fairy tales, folk tales and nature stories; pictorial introduction to letters; preparation for reading through writing; qualities of numbers; introduction of the four operations in arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • Class 2: Legends and fables; stories of saints and heroes; continued work in writing, reading, and arithmetic; introduction of cursive writing.
  • Class 3: Old Testament stories; composition and grammar; study of practical life (farming, housing, and othing); time, weights, measures, and money in arithmetic.
  • Class 4: Norse mythology and sagas; local geography and map-making; local history; study of the animal kingdom; fractions and decimal fractions.
  • Class 5:Ancient history and mythology from India, Persia, and Egypt; Greek mythology and history; North American geography related to vegetation and agriculture; botany; decimals.