Election May 9, 2017 package

To FISA member schools:

British Columbia is preparing for another provincial election on May 9, 2017.  Provincial elections always generate questions over support for independent schools and it is important that school authorities, administrators, teachers, parents and students are engaged in informing the politician and the public of the important function that independent schools provide for the common good.  13% of all school-aged children are now attending an independent school in British Columbia.  

It is important that you engage with the candidates that are running in this election.  The attached package provides you with valuable information about independent schools and enables you to offer informed responses when questions about independent schools are directed at you.  Please take the time to review the information that has been provided and then do your part in enabling your school community to make informed decisions in the upcoming election.

We cannot expect the public to remain supportive of public funding for independent schools unless we engage with them.  Therefore, it is important that we communicate with candidates to get their views about independent schools and then inform your school constituency so that parents can make informed choices when they vote on May 9th.  

Thank-you for your participation,

Peter Froese,
Executive Director

p.s. The attached list of candidates is as of today, April 5. The list will be updated daily until April 18. Please go to http://elections.bc.ca/2017-general-election/candidates/ for updated lists.

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