At the Nelson Waldorf School, the Cedar Forest Kinderhouse offers a variety of Early Childhood Programs intended to serve families with children from three months to school age:

Early childhood is a time of wonder. Young children see beauty and purpose in everything and are naturally curious about all that comes to meet them. It is this sense of wonder that opens young children to the world around them.

Children learn about life first by seeing and then by imitating what they see. The foundation for later learning is firmly laid through this imitative play. Therefore, great care is taken to surround the children with many meaningful experiences. Free play, singing games, stories, puppet shows, crafts, baking, gardening, eurythmy, painting, and beeswax modeling are natural activities for children from three to six. The role of the Waldorf Early Childhood Educator and Kindergarten Teacher is to create beautiful environments in which to foster the child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder.