Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a Covid-related question you do not see answered here, please email

Can volunteers help in the classroom?

Volunteers may help in the classroom. All visitors and volunteers are required to complete a Daily Health Check upon arrival, wear a mask indoors, wash or sanitize hands upon entry and frequently, and sign in and out at the Front Office. Limit of two volunteers per classroom at this time.

What is the carpooling policy for field trips?

For now, buses and drop-offs are the only permitted means of transportation for field trips.

Will you be hosting a vaccination clinic on campus?


Are there mask exemptions for students in grade K-8?

The mask exemption guidelines are available in the Provincial Covid-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings on page 20. It states:

The guidance outlined above regarding mask requirements does not apply to staff, students and visitors in the following circumstances:

  • to a person who cannot tolerate wearing a mask for health or behavioural reasons;
  • to a person who is unable to put on or remove a mask without the assistance of another person;
  • if the mask is removed temporarily for the purposes of identifying the person wearing it;
  • if the mask is removed temporarily to engage in an educational activity that cannot be performed while wearing a mask (e.g. playing a wind instrument, engaging in high-intensity physical activity, etc.);
  • if a person is eating or drinking;
  • if a person is behind a barrier; or
  • while providing a service to a person with a disability or diverse ability (including but not limited to a hearing impairment) where visual cues, facial expressions and/or lip reading/movements is important.

While the mask requirements outlined in this document specifically apply to K-12 schools, public health recommends that staff and visitors at non-school sites (e.g., administrative offices, maintenance facilities, etc.) wear masks in indoor common/shared spaces if they are not fully vaccinated. Staff and visitors at non-school sites must also adhere to any regional or provincial public health recommendations or orders for workplaces requiring increased mask use.

My child cannot wear a mask? What is the school protocol?

Please email with your request.

What if my child is showing symptoms during the day?

Anyone showing symptoms will be isolated, and parents will be phoned to pick their child up as soon as possible. Adults staying with or attending to the child will wear appropriate PPE.

What if we would like to travel internationally and our children are not vaccinated?

If NWS families or students are planning on travelling outside of Canada during the school year, you are asked to please adhere to the travel guidelines as set out by the Government of Canada Covid Travel Requirements. This helpful link is for vaccinated families who are travelling outside of Canada with children 12 and under who are unable to be vaccinated at this time. 

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