A Waldorf school is distinctively different from other schools in a myriad of ways, from the foundational philosophy based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner to its unique organizational structure.  By enrolling your child, you are committing to support your child by learning more about this education, and by being involved in the school community.  Your participation is vital and supports the school, not only as a non profit organization, but in the values that we demonstrate to the children when we come together in the spirit of building community.  Parent support is manifest through fees and fundraising, attendance at parent meetings and school talks, helping with festivals and in your child’s class activities.

At the Nelson Waldorf School, we also are fortunate with grandparents and school friends also forming our community of support – which only enriches and deepens the connections and the community.

Click here to see the various ways in which you can help. Or, contact a Parent Council representative by emailing nwsparentcouncil@gmail.com