Class 7 Teacher 2019/20

Debora Oese-Lloyd has embraced her skills and experience as a Main Lesson teacher to return to our school as the teacher of the Class of 2021.
She was pleased to be asked to guide this group of talented, clever and lively young adults on their journey from the Renaissance through to modern times. Debora Oese-Lloyd has been fortunate to
spend the first half of her childhood on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. The many purposeful activities of a farm were able to quench her thirst for movement and curiosity about the world. Her parents were both art teachers and artists and she spent her adolescence in the cultured world of the Metropolitan New York area. Here she pursued her interests in art, dance, drama and gymnastics.
Her quest to understand how the universe is put together and a  human being’s role in it has led to teach in inner city Canadian schools, in Dene schools in the NWT, and Waldorf Schools in Calgary, Vancouver, Santa Fe and here in Nelson.She has even experienced the joy of the learning relationship and the intrepid human spirit in the far reaches of the Siberian wilderness.
Her incessant love of learning recognizes the potential that is inherent in Waldorf education as a tool of transformation not only for the students but also for the teacher. and the school community.