Childcare Centre Manager

Childcare Centre Manager
Job Description

The Nelson Waldorf Childcare Manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Childcare Centre and addressing required business, licensing and compliance mandates


  • Ensure the Childcare Centre adheres to all licensing regulations and requirements.
  • Communicate with the Licensing Officer as necessary.
  • Maintain safe indoor and outdoor environments according to WCB and Licensing regulation.
  • Process Childcare enrollment applications in coordination with the Enrollment Administrator and communicate changes to the Business Director/Bookkeeper.
  • Other Childcare Centre administrative duties as required. 
  • Oversee the tracking of daily attendance and submit monthly reports as required.
  • Ensure timesheets are submitted accurately for ECEs/subs.
  • Organize hiring committee for Childcare Centre staff.
  • Organize substitute staff as required.
  • Work with the Business Director to establish annual Childcare Operating Budget.
  • Member of NWS Health & Safety Committee



  • CRC Clearance
  • Valid Childcare First Aid Certificate
  • Current BC ECE Certification preferred
  • 3-5 years of working in a Waldorf Early Years environment preferred 
  • Childcare administrative experience preferred
  • Knowledge and understanding of a Waldorf Childcare Program


DECISION MAKING AUTHORITYChildcare Centre operations, budget, and staffing



  • $9,000 per annum (inclusive of 4% vacation pay & WEP (if applicable)
  • 365 hours per annum