Bonhomme and Gilgamesh? Two Unlikely Visitors!

Dear Families and Friends,
Before the February break, our grade school students celebrated Carnaval, which has long been a tradition at NWS. With the help of M. Deslauriers, the Classes 6 and 7 made the event an exciting and successful one for the younger grades.
According to M. Deslauriers, “For the first time, this year we had the visit from the Sunflower kindergarten and it was pleasant to see them participating in some of the stations!
Bonhomme came again this year and he was impressed by the energy of our students and he was happy to be among us!” Standing nearly 7-feet tall and wearing a red toque, Bonhomme was hard to miss on campus.
We wish to thank M. Deslauriers for leading this festival with such verve and passion, as well as the parents and community members who showed up to be part of the event.

Photo credit: Vincent Deslauriers

Congratulations, Class 5!

On Wednesday, Ms. Vivian’s students presented their class play, The Epic of Gilgamesh… one of the great stories of humankind written down more than 5000 years ago on clay tablets. The play featured a bit of everything: drama, humour, action scenes, music, the poignancy of friendship, and the search for immortality.
The class was involved not only on stage, but behind the scenes, too, having created most of the props and set pieces themselves.
In a Waldorf school, theatre is a great opportunity to involve students in so many of the arts!
Best wishes, Phil Fertey

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