Thank you for your interest in the Nelson Waldorf School!

Our Student Admission Process creates the opportunity for us to begin to know each other.  We learn about your family’s educational needs and expectations and you learn about what Waldorf education, at the Nelson Waldorf School, can offer your family.

In addition to the information on our website, we offer an introductory session and school tour called “Windows on Waldorf”. It is a wonderful ‘window’ into our education, as we begin our tour in our Childcare Centre and make our way through our campus and the classrooms of the Grades School –  Kindergarten to Grade Eight.

The Student Admission Process is held by the Admissions Team, comprised of:

• Community Development Director: Mary Searchfield, who coordinates your application steps.
• Education Director: Donna Switzer, who assists with the pedagogical components related to your application.
• Business Director: Lindsay Morris, who oversees the financial aspects of your application.


Steps in the Student Admission Process

1. Application for Admission Online Form

The first step in beginning your student admission process is to complete the Application for Admission Online Form.  If you need assistance with this, please contact Mary Searchfield, our Admissions Team Coordinator.

When the Admissions Team receives the completed form, you will be contacted by our Education Director (Principal). This contact is to assess both the school’s ability to meet the needs of your child and your family; and your opportunity to ask questions about our educational approach and curriculum for you to assess our ability to meet your needs.

2. Conversation (Student/Teacher and Parent/Teacher)

The Education Director will schedule a conversation with you and your child(ren) with the Class Teacher(s). This interview aims to assist you in determining whether Waldorf Education is the best fit for your child and to build a relationship with the child’s teacher. It is also another opportunity for you to ask questions.

3. Three Day Visit by the Student to the Class*

The third step in the admission process is the Teacher and Parent arrange a 1-3 day visit for the child with the class.   After the visit, the Teacher and Parent discuss and confirm the decision to go forward. There may be “conditions of acceptance” and these are discussed with you.
* It doesn’t apply for Kindergarten.

4. Faculty Acceptance and Confirmation of Student Acceptance

Following the child’s visit, the Teacher and Education Director take a recommendation to the Faculty for Student Acceptance.  The Teacher or Education Director will contact you by phone and email with the Confirmation of Acceptance.

Please note that our Kindergarten programs are often in a ‘wait list’ situation. Interviews happen each Spring and you will be notified as to acceptance or wait list by May 31st. Our Admission Policy includes the following wait list considerations:
• Current registered student in class
• Employee family
• Sibling of current student in NWS
• Returning student from previous year
• Student from other Waldorf School
• New student application

5. Registration and Payments

In the email with Confirmation of Acceptance, there is a link to the Registration File. You will fill online the admission requirements and then receive a digital invoice.

6.  Student attends School

When the Tuition Agreement is signed and financial arrangements have been confirmed, the Business Director informs the Teacher and Education Director.  The Teacher will phone you to welcome your child to attend school.

Probationary Period

There is a minimum probationary period for all new students (Standard: 6 weeks; Extended: 3 months with review).  Should any concerns arise for parents or the school during this time, a meeting with the Education Director, Teacher and Parent will be held to discuss the issues. A student withdrawal during the probationary period is entitled to a prorated tuition reimbursement that reflects payment for the duration the student was enrolled at NWS.  Administration and Supply fees are non-refundable.

For more specific information, please contact the Admissions Team above sending an email to or call (250) 352.6919