Our Student Admission Process creates the opportunity for us to begin to know each other. We learn about your family’s educational needs and expectations and you learn about what a Nelson Waldorf School education can offer your family.

Steps to admission

1. Contact and Chat

Please contact our Enrolment Manager

2. Meet the Teacher

You and your child will be invited to meet your teacher, along with the Education Director or Student Support teacher. This will give you an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and see the campus and classroom.

3. Visit the Classroom

Children are invited to spend a few days in their classroom to get a sense of the daily rhythm, meet their classmates, and explore the Waldorf approach to education. This also gives the class teacher an opportunity to observe the child naturally. (This visit does not take place for Kindergarten enrolments).

4. Student Acceptance

Following the visit, the Education Director and class teacher will make a decision on enrolment, and the Enrolment Manager will contact you with a welcome letter and contract. The Finance Office will follow up with the tuition and fees invoices.

5. Observation Period

All students have an 8-week observation period. Should any concerns arise for parents or the school during this time, a meeting with the Education Director, teacher and parent will be held to discuss the issues. A student withdrawal during the transition period is entitled to a prorated tuition reimbursement that reflects payment for the duration the student was enrolled at NWS. Administration and supply fees are non-refundable.

Nelson Waldorf School
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