Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

The Nelson Waldorf School has been a fully accredited member of AWSNA since 1984.

AWSNA accreditation is a structured, cyclical process of self-study, peer review, and follow-up. The AWSNA accreditation process includes all aspects of school life, including Waldorf principles, independence and mission, self-reflection, students and families, faculty and staff, community, educational programs, decision-making, resources, health and safety, and legality. The goal is to strengthen Waldorf schools while maintaining the true and complete independence of each school.

In both philosophy and practice, the focus of the AWSNA accreditation process is on the development and nurturing of excellence. The principal objectives are to provide a stimulus for excellence, help the school assess its strengths and weaknesses, and help the school confirm the validity of its priorities and planning for growth.

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Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America

The Marigolds and Daisies Child Care Centres are Full Members of WECAN. WECAN provides direct dialogue with early childhood educators and their colleagues about the programs they design in institutions and in homes, and about how they define and develop their roles and their work with parents. Site visits, regional gatherings, and conferences allow WECAN to research and harvest the current needs of programs in the vast geography of the USA and in Canada.

Criteria for Full Accreditation:

  • The program has functioned as a program inspired by Waldorf education for at least three years with children in regular attendance.
  • The program is working out of Waldorf education and anthroposophy as described in the WECAN Shared Principles and is committed to furthering among faculty and staff a deepening of an anthroposophical study of the human being. The commitment to Waldorf education is foremost and visible in the program’s publicity materials, such as the website and brochures.
  • The program can stand as a representative of Waldorf early childhood education in the world through its alignment with the Shared Principles and Expectations for Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education.
  • The program is legally licensed at the federal, state or provincial, or local level.
  • The program has demonstrated viability in terms of finances, enrolment, personnel and administrative structure.

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