2017/2018 Registration Update

The Nelson Waldorf School Board and Administration members have been working hard to make it easier to register your children for the 2017/2018 school year. We also have some new processes in place that we hope will allow for more manageable and affordable tuition payment options for our families.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  1. Online registration – An email will be sent to you with a link to register your children using the online form. If you do not have a computer or would prefer to fill out a paper form, you can get these at Keitha’s office. There is no way to register online from the website because we are pre-populating the online form with your family information in an effort to reduce repetitive data entry. This email will be sent Monday April 11, next week.
  2. Payment Plans – The Board has approved installment plans to ease the financial burden of paying the full amount upfront. More details will be on the website this week and a separate email will be sent out.
  3. Payment Options – We now have the ability to do automatic debits from your bank account on a date that you specify. This means that the money will come out of your account on the date that you expect it! It  gives you more control over the cash flow in your bank account. The same applies for payments made by credit card. In the past, they were manually run through.  We are now able to process credit cards charges on a specified date.  More details will be on the website this week and a separate email will be sent out.
  4. Registration Deadline for Kindergarten is April 30th. Registration Deadline for Class 1-8 is May 31st.
  5. Tuition Modification requests need to be in by April 30th. Please indicate on your online application.
  6. Questions – Please email john.leishman@nelsonwaldorf.org if you have any questions.