For both returning and new students, attendance in class registration is dependent upon completion of ALL financial arrangements and payments.

The Nelson Waldorf School will strive to adhere to the principle that economic and financial considerations should not determine who can receive a Waldorf education, and to this end the following are the guidelines to ensure this practice.

British Columbia Provincial Ministry of Education Funding Status:  The Nelson Waldorf School is a fully accredited and recognized school by the Province of British Columbia.  According to the Legislation for the B.C. Independent Schools, NWS is eligible for and receives an operating grant for students eligible under the legislated guidelines.  Students not eligible for the government grant – not meeting grant guidelines (ie. Canadian Residents/Citizens or parent visas for work or student visas) are required to pay the grant money as an element of their tuition. Refer to Foreign Student Fee.

Nelson Waldorf School Tuition

  1. Tuition to be reviewed and published for each school year.
  2. Tuition for new enrolling students is due and payable the first day of registration.
  3. Sibling discounts available upon request: 15% discount for the second child, 40% discount for the third and subsequent children
  4. Tuition Modification is available to families in financial need. Information & application available upon request.
  5. All tuition to be paid on or before August 16th for guaranteed admittance to class on the first day of class.
  6. Tuition fees are non-refundable. However:
  • New Students: An eight-week probation consideration with a prorated refund of tuition fees if the student is withdrawn within the eight-week probationary period. No refund is available after the probationary period.
  • Re-registering Students: Annual tuition LESS $1,000 is refundable if NWS is provide with written notice by August 16, 2019 indicating the student will not be returning. All fees are non-refundable.

Nelson Waldorf School Supply Fees

  1. Supply fees to be reviewed and published for each School Year.
  2. Supply fees due and payable upon date of registration for new registering students.
  3. Supply fees are non-refundable.
  4. Tuition Modification is NOT available for supply fees.

NWS Society Dues $100/household – this fee will reflect the NWS Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) full membership commitment.  AWSNA is a continent wide organization mandated to support Waldorf education.  As a full member school, NWS is required to fulfill a self study commitment within a renewed accreditation process, support and attend regional/continental conferences and offer mentorship to developing Waldorf Schools.  These dues will represent the financial commitment required to meet these responsibilities.

Nelson Waldorf School Administration Fee

  1. Administration Fee is an annual family payment $100/family.
  2. Administration fees are due and payable upon date of registration.
  3. Administration fees are non-refundable.
  4. Tuition Modification is NOT available for Administration Fees.