Imagine a school that nurtures the growth of your child

Educating students is like cultivating a garden

Early Childhood Education

The seeds of childhood are nurtured in a protective and enriched home-like environment.  Early Childhood Educators feed the children well, give them lots of time to play, and help them build the social skills they will need to flourish in the world.

Day Care Nature Table

Parent and  Child Programs, Childcare and Kindergarten

  • daily indoor and outdoor play time and nature walks
  • circle time
  • story-telling, painting, crafts, and baking
  • festivals and celebrations
  • self-care, social skills, and domestic activity
  • wholesome snacks
  • small student/teacher ratio

Elementary School: Class 1-5

Children in the Garden


Gradually roots strengthen and leaves take shape. At this stage children form good work habits and learn basic language arts and arithmetic skills. They become interested in history and science, expand their abilities in the practical, visual and performing arts, and develop physical dexterity and emotional security.

  • class plays, daily outdoor play, physical education, singing, flute/recorder playing
  • cooperative work, service within the school community
  • student-crafted lesson books, daily speech exercises, clay and beeswax modelling, form drawing




Middle School: Class 6-8

As the plants mature, their stalks grow more robust. The young students now blossom with self-confidence and integrity; their intellects awaken and foster a profound understanding of life.

After many years of careful tending, the rich fruit of the students’ educational journey begins to ripen.

  • critical thinking
  • rigorous academics
  • student-designed lesson books
  • service to the school and wider community
  • experiential enrichment activities
  • outdoor education